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Here's What It Is... and What It Does:


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It Moves!

  • The UN~Saddle® prevents the pushing forward of the upper body, ensuring proper and continuous ischial support. This also enables various positioning on the seat, for different cycling situations, without need of rail adjusting.
  • It straightens out the legs stroke correcting the outward movement of the knees and eliminating the related injuries. As a further result of this, the legs work perpendicular on the pedals, maximizing the efficiency of the stroke and the overall performance.
  • The UN~Saddle® allows natural mobility in the pelvis area: the thigh muscles can fully contract without stressing the femur, hip and lower lumbar vertebrae preventing lower back pain.
  • It improves the ability to transfer the weight when maneuvering.
  • It also corrects the effects of one leg being shorter than the other, by evening out pedaling stroke.

Ergonomic (Nose-Free!)

  • The UN~Saddle® prevents muscular and vascular compression in the perineum and the genitalia eliminating the risk of loss of circulation in the pelvic areas and the danger of both temporary and permanent impotence.
  • It improves agility and quick reacting in technical riding.
  • The UN~Saddle® offers an ideal supportive surface, an efficient fulcrum for the legs and the body to "lean against" rather than to "hang from".
  • It also prevents chafing of the inner thighs.


  • The UN~Saddle® facilitates to find the ideal position for each type of cycling, utilizing the best geometry of the bike.

Shock Absorbing Too!

  • The UN~Saddle® provides extra comfort with the three point elastomer cushioning.

Daniel Proust

Patented in Europe, USA and Japan - Global License of DIMAR, California

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